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Where you are the architect of your own journey.

Let's start with your story.

Your identity as a doctor in Canada isn’t who you were, but who you’ve become through diligence and determination since you arrived here. 

Looking back at how far you have come, you can see how your personal attributes have evolved, demonstrating growth in your attitude, mindset and professionalism.  

If you are vying for one of the limited medical residency spots in Canada, you need to enhance the narrative from who you were to the medical professional you can become in Canada. 

That is the story that will make you stand out. It's your transformation and growth potential that selection committees care about most. 

So, show off the best version of yourself and take ownership of your future!

What you decide today determines who you will be tomorrow. 

Set yourself up for success by setting goals, creating strategies that will maximize your chances of achieving those goals, and being part of a community that can keep you on track when you feel like you are going off the rails. 

I created this virtual membership for you.

mariA.’s Membership Hub is a virtual platform to help you create custom CVs, personal letters/statements, and complete interview responses, as well as develop the right mindset for MMIs and CASPer. 

Plus, you also have access to on-demand digital wellness courses and PDF downloads based on DBT skills (dialectical behavioural therapy skills) and Positive Cognitive Psychology exercises to help you protect your mental health. 

Take care of yourself and your future career today so you can live your life inspired and balanced

Why join a paid membership?

  • Community of Practice

    Engage with a supportive group in a private space, where you can interact directly with me and like-minded colleagues. You have access to community forums, live group webinars, workshops and weekly Q&A sessions.

  • Exclusive Content

    Get access to the entire "Members Only" exclusive content in the on-demand library for as long as you are a member.

  • Professional

    Get evidence-based support, constructive feedback and advice from an experienced coach, eliminating the guesswork, information overload or misinformation on the internet.

  • Saves Time

    By using templates, resource lists, asking the community, or taking on-demand courses, you'll get it done right with time to spare.

  • Reduces Stress

    You're not alone. Jump into the Community HUB to connect with us whenever you have a question or just need support from someone who understands what you are going through. You can support colleagues who need you, too!

  • Convenient

    Enter THE HUB wherever you are, whenever you have time, from your computer, phone or tablet digital devices. You'll have access 24/7.

  • Private

    Your identity and personal information are not accessible to spammers, scams and advertising. Members must follow rules of confidentiality and professionalism at all times or lose their membership (no refunds).

Tips and Strategies You Need

Learn how to...

  • Custom CVs

    Create custom CVs that highlight CanMEDS

  • Authentic Letters

    Write personal letters using your own stories to demonstrate the selection criteria

  • Word Count

    Cut down your word count or add more to your story

  • Interview Skills

    Prepare simple, relevant and complete interview responses

  • Research Programs

    Research the residency program so your responses match their interests

  • Time Management

    Manage your tasks efficiently and be more productive, so you can enjoy a little bit of "me time."

The Perks

You don't want to miss out on all this stuff!

  • On-Demand

    All-access pass to the entire education and self-care library, plus all live recordings. Download PDFs to help you stay organized and save time. Community spaces let you post questions, socialize and connect with us at your convenience.

  • Private Coaching and Feedback

    Exclusive discounts for 1-1 Private Coaching Sessions with Maria. Book directly from inside the HUB. Weekly private 20-minute feedback sessions are included in the membership!

  • Live Groups

    Ask me anything during weekly Q&As! Get tips and feedback, attend workshops or webinars and interviews with special guests to win prizes, and network with other professionals.


Your exclusive membership content.

Payment Options

Choose a payment plan that suits your budget and goals

  • $299.00

    Small (60 days)

  • $540.00

    Medium (180 days)

  • $730.00

    Large (365 days)


Not sure how much time you need?


If you are unsure about long-term commitment, start with the SMALL 60-day membership. You will have access to all the features for sixty days. If you are a mariA. think outside the box MED.ucation subscriber (i.e. mailing list) or ITPO member, you get 10% OFF your first purchase!
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Scheduled System Maintenance

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The membership platform and infrastructure will be disabled in order to make these improvements. The membership services, including new purchases, community, and access to all content, will be unavailable on October 24th between 8:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. Pacific Time. This is scheduled to take 3.5 hours but may take longer. You can stay updated on the status of this maintenance by checking the Thinkific Status Page HTTP://status.thinkific.com
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